Respite Care


  • Respite care is a service provided to individuals in their own homes and communities, who need assistance caring for themselves as a result of old age, sickness, disability and/or other infliction's. Home care may include housecleaning, laundry, meal preparation, transportation, companionship and more,

  • Respite care providers are responsible for ensuring that service is delivered in a caring and respectful manner, in accordance with relevant Agency policies and industry standards.

  • Respite care provides relief for the caregiver. In many families, an elderly person is reliant on the care of his or her family. In some cases, this may be a minor amount of care – such as helping around the home. In other situations, the care is comprehensive involving all levels of personal management. Yet, family members get tired, too. They need a break. Sometimes they need help on a day to day basis. In other cases, they need someone who can provide care for a period of time while they travel or just take some time to themselves. Respite care workers provide this type of support.

  • Respite workers have the unique ability to help reduce the stress and anxiety that a caregiver has. This may not be all of the time, but it provides an important break for the individual, helping to ensure he or she continues to maintain their mental health.  Respite care is flexible. It fits the needs of the individuals involved. That’s important because many family members simply do not know there is help available to them.


  • Teach/perform meal planning and preparation, routine housekeeping activities such as making/changing beds, dusting, vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning kitchen and bathroom, and laundry.

  • Perform/assist with essential shopping/errands, which may include handling the client’s money, in accordance with the care plan and under the observation of the Supervisor.

  • Assist with following a written, special diet plan and reinforcement of diet maintenance, which is provided under the direction of a Physician and as identified in the care plan.

  • Escort to medical facilities, errands, shopping and outings as specified in the care plan.

  • Provide companionship, friendship and emotional support.

  • Assist clients with communication by writing or typing correspondence for them or researching information for them.

  • Participate on the Care Team by providing input and making suggestions.

  • Ensure service is delivered in accordance with all relevant policies, procedures and practices.

  • Monitor supplies and resources.

  • Evaluate the program and make recommendations to it, as indicated.

  • Follow the written care plan.

  • Carry out duties as assigned by the Supervisor.

  • Observe the client’s functioning and report to Supervisor.

  • Complete and maintain records of daily activities, observations, and direct hours of service.

  • Attend orientation, in-service training sessions and staff meetings.

  • Develop and maintain constructive and cooperative working relationships with others.

  • Make decisions and solve problems.

  • Communicate with Supervisor and co-workers.

  • Observe, receive and obtain information from relevant sources, and much more.

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